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April 01, 2021, 04:00 PM

Realizing A Vision: Computation Possibilities

A session by John Cays, Jim Fava, Don Greenberg and George Matos
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Anthesis Group, Cornell University & NVIDIA

SPEAKER expertise

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the J. Robert and Barbara A. Hillier College of Architecture and Design working to Integrate LCA into different design processes. Author: An Environmental Life Cycle Approach to Design: LCA for Designers and and the Design Market.

This closing plenary panel session brings together true pioneers in the LCA and computational graphic modeling fields. These experts will discuss potential process improvements to make invisible non-geometric LCI metadata visible and ready to use in design. Overcoming challenges to streamline connections between LCI/LCIA metadata tags and digital material libraries in geometric modeling software are key to inform real time sustainable design decisions. Existing design tools already leverage these relationship workflows. Semi-automatic processes require the designer to stop and run reports on environmental impacts for each design iteration. New high-powered GPU driven platforms hold the potential to automate and significantly accelerate these workflows using familiar design software interfaces.

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