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March 30, 2021, 04:00 PM

Transportation System Advances

A session by Lynn Bell, Heather Dylla, Milena Rangelov and Shoshanna Saxe
Goodyear, FHWA, FHWA & University of Toronto

The operation phase of the transportation sector accounts for nearly another 30% of greenhouse gas emissions over three quarters of which are from road and highway transportation including light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. New technologies in electric vehicles, better engineered construction and product materials, and a lower carbon energy grid promise to reduce the overall carbon footprint. In addition to the operational emissions, a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation systems are the embodied emissions from the construction and maintenance of these systems. As measurable environmental impacts in other categories become more prominent, LCA reduces inadvertent load-shifting between impact categories. Panelists representing various transportation industry disciplines from infrastructure to the product scale present ways LCA techniques provide critical insight as new product systems enter this critically important sector to the modern world.

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