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March 31, 2021, 07:00 PM

(TrueNorth Workshop) The Heart of the Session: Design for Sustainability Challenge

A session by Theresa Millard and Jeff Zeman
TrueNorth Collective & TrueNorth Collective

TrueNorth Collective offers a 2-hour workshop that introduces Design for Sustainability (DfS) practice with an experience that educates and inspires. Design for Sustainability is an innovation methodology, deployed during the design of products, processes and services, that assesses and addresses the environmental and human health impacts that will occur over the complete life cycle.

Learning outcomes are:

• Learn how to “DfS” for yourself and experience the resulting impact with a hands-on experience in a collaborative and competitive team setting.

• Be motivated to take the tools home and start using them to take first steps within your organization.

• Feel prepared to make the case for adding DfS to design and decision-making process within your organization.

Participants will be provided with a background story that sets up a design challenge to meet a specific customer need. A common product that solves the challenge will be given (a baseline), together with its environmental and human health burdens, upon which each team must improve.

Teams will utilize a simplified professional DfS toolset that guides them through divergent and convergent ideation. Representative environmental and human health impacts for common elements will be provided so that teams can express the recommended solution in a manner that balances people, planet, and profit- the “triple bottom line”. Teams will “elevator pitch” and judge each other’s designs, simulating review by business executives.

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